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Who we are

We are a consulting firm with a strong emphasis in Blockchain technology based in Karlsruhe, Germany. We combine industry skills with Blockchain expertise to promote the digital transformation of our client's areas of interest.

1. Concept

A project starts with an analysis of our client's domain in order to identify potential areas for using Blockchain technology.

2. Prototype

A concept is verified using prototypes. Several iterations follow to refine a concept and prove it delivers considerable added value.

3. Develop

A verified concept is turned into a production-ready system fulfilling the requirements needed by our client's project.

4. Evaluate

After launch, the suitability of a project is continuously evaluated, the assumptions and parameters are refined whenever necessary.

"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change."
(Tom Peters)

Applications and Services

  • Finance

    Using Blockchain to reduce transaction fees and delays in international payments, peer-to-peer and capital market transactions. In addition, money fraud and crime can be elimanted.

  • Insurance

    Using Blockchain to manage claims in a transparent, responsive and irrefutable manner. Furthermore, smart contracts can validate and reject multiple claims, and trigger payments.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Using Blockchain to track and trace the entire supply chain from raw materials to the finished product. Moreover, it can be used for verifying certifications or certain properties of physical products.

  • Energy

    Using Blockchain to provide a market place for trading energy in a decentralized manner between energy producers and consumers. Besides that, it can be used in e-mobility projects.

  • Healthcare

    Using Blockchain for verifing identity, authentication of all participants and foster a consistent representation of authorization to access electronic health information.

  • Media

    Using Blockchain to efficiently manage distribution of royalty payments and licencing to ensure the rights holders receive a royalty payment in a contractually defined manner.

  • Use Case Analysis

    We analyse and identify potential use cases of Blockchain in your domain of interest.

  • Blockchain Technology Analysis

    We choose the best fitting Blockchain technology, be it Eris, HydraChain, MultiChain, OpenChain or Ethereum.

  • Smart Contract Design

    We design and implement smart contracts for use in public or private Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Software Development

    We implement software systems using Blockchain technology and integrate them into your current IT systems.


We are Blockchain enthusiasts

Alexander Kaiser

Business Engineer Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.)
TU Clausthal

Esther Mengelkamp

External Advisor - KIT IISM Industrial Engineering (Diploma),
Phd Candidate
TU Dresden/KIT

Magnus Gödde

Bw10lockchain Engineer Business Engineering (B.Sc.)

Jonas-Taha El Sesiy

External Advisor Service Management and Engineering (M.Sc.)
Hector School

Carolin Beer

Blockchain Engineer

Matthias Stumpp

Blockchain Engineer Information Engineering and Management (M.Sc.), Business Engineering (B.Sc.),
Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Nam Nguyen

Blockchain Engineer Business Information Systems (B.Sc.)
Cooperative State University Karlsruhe

Ralph Henn

Business Engineer Business Engineering (Diploma),
Phd Candidate

Markus Lau

Business Engineer Business Engineering (Diploma),
Phd Candidate

"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow." (Rupert Murdoch)



What we are working on

Decentralized Energy Exchange
Energy Trading
Electric Vehicle Charging
Cryptocurrency Investments
Investment Management

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